Much Fall of Blood (2010) with Eric Flint and Dave Freer

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Much Fall of Blood (2010) with Eric Flint and Dave Freer

Heirs of Alexandria
Much Fall of Blood cover
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Much Fall of Blood
Much Fall of Blood is the third book in the Heirs of Alexandria series.Prince Manfred, nephew to the Holy Roman Emperor, and his bodyguard Eric Hakkonsen, together with an entourage of the Knights of the Trinity, escort the Emperor’s envoy into the East to meet with the Khan of the Golden Horde, hoping to unite East and West against the foul magician and conqueror Jagellion. But Jagellion–and his former advisor Mindaug and Mindaug’s current leash-holder, Elizabeth Bartoldy–have other plans for them.Prince Vlad of Vahalia, descendant of the legendary Vlad Dracul, would just like to not die. Elizabeth has plans for him as well.Unfortunately for the scheming of Elizabeth, Mindaug, and Jagellion–the very Carpathian Mountains have entirely different plans for all of them. The Oldest of Old magic is alive and well there. Blood calls to blood; the blood of the king and the blood of the land are one.

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