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"I love playing one MMORPG: City of Heroes! Some of you may already know that, since the Secret World Chronicles characters got their start there. But you may not know that I am now a City of Heroes Arc Author! Yes, you can log onto City of Heroes and play my arc, "Mystery on the Boardwalk" with Diana Tregarde as your contact in the CoH Mission Architect feature!" ~ Misty

As part of their new Mission Architect user generated content feature, City of Heroes has asked Mercedes Lackey and several other authors to provide missions for the game. Other authors include Scott Kurtz of PvP, Troy Hickman, and Austin Grossman.

Mercedes Lackey's Mission:
"Mystery on the Boardwalk" (arc id:369275) - Unbelievable Man is stuck on the phone with his needy girlfriend, so the Heroic ATemps Temp Agency has sent you over to handle this. It's only a little haunting, how hard can it be?

In order to check out these arcs simply log into the game, find the nearest Architect Entertainment Building, and open up the mission browser. If you don't already play City of Heroes, check out the game overview or start playing with a 14-day free trial.

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