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Many people have writen asking about making Herald costumes. Full size patterns tricky to produce, but with the added interest in historical costuming, the big companies are now issuing patterns from the past.

Here are a few basic costume suggestions and where to find patterns.

Heraldic Whites & Mage Robes 

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Look for Simplicity pattern 5925. This pattern has sizes XS to XL (32 to 48) Costume for Men or Boys.

Most if not all fabric stores carry Simplicity patterns. This particular style of pattern has multiple sizes of patterns printed on the same paper.

To get the best use out of this style of pattern, pick up about 4-5 yards of lightweigh interfacing.

Interfacing comes in several weights, and some even has a 1 inch square grid printed in light blue or gray. To use, figure out which size pattern fits, then lay the paper pattern down on a flat surface, put a piece of interfacing over the top, and trace the correct size onto the interfacing. Then use the interfacing as your basic pattern.

The interfacing tends not to slither like tissue paper, and the same pattern can be used for several different size outfits.
Heraldic Whites 

For Heraldic Whites, or Trainee Grays use this basic pattern with just a few changes. Use the pants, shirt and vest from this pattern.

The vest should be thigh length with a few more closures added. The pants should be ankle length. To be truely authentic replace the elastic waistband with a drawstring. Wear the shirt tucked in.

White fabric with white or silver trim. Trainee Grays should be made out of plain, unadorned fabrics, chosen for their durability. White or gray boots, or half boots should finish the costumes.

This pattern should adapt rather well for female heralds or trainees.

Mage Robes 

Use the robe from this pattern. Turban is optional. Any color, or fabric can be used depending on your character. White Winds mages, wear “plain buff colored robes”. Other mages are more colorful. This pattern could also be adapted for a female mage.

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