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Gallery of Dolls


Dolls created by Mercedes Lackey based on characters from her books.

Characters from the Bedlam Bardz Series

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The Bedlam Bardz set of Hosea with Jeanette, the Haunted Banjo, the “Ria is gonna kill me for getting this tattoo” Kayla, Lady Day the elvensteed, and Eric Banyon with flute.

Characters from OathboundOathbreakers, & Oathblood

tarma1.jpg - 11449 Bytes
Tarma, Kethry, Warrl, Ironheart & Hellsbane
tarma2.jpg - 12372 Bytes
Kethry, Ironheart
tarma3.jpg - 13898 Bytes
Kethry, Ironheart
tarma4.jpg - 11945 Bytes
Tarma, Warrl & Hellsbane

Characters from Arrows of the Queen

dirktalia5t.jpg - 13553 Bytes
Herald Dirk & Herald Talia

Original Mermaid created by Mercedes Lackey

mermaid2.jpg - 12368 Bytes

Solaris-Son of the Sun Storm Breaking

solaris1.jpg - 10149 Bytes  solaris2.jpg - 9353 Bytes
Solaris & Firecat

Rose Hawkins from Fire Rose

rosehawkinst.jpg - 23340 Bytes  + Zoom In +
Rose Hawkins

Original Doll created by Mercedes Lackey

showtimet.jpg - 35989 Bytes  + Zoom In +

Rune from Bardic Voices #1: The Lark & The Wrenrunet.jpg - 99641 Bytes   + Zoom In +

Kat, the canal-girl from Shadow of the Lion

katt.jpg - 89874 Bytes   + Zoom In +

Francesca, the Venetian Courtesan from Shadow of the Lion

Francesca the Venetian Courtesan. These are characters from SHADOW OF THE LION that I did as promos for Baen Books.

Fran.jpg - 965042 Bytes  + Zoom In +
Francesca the Venetian Courtesan
fran2t.jpg - 50178 Bytes  + Zoom In +
This is another version of Francesca. Frankly, I like this head and wig better, but I didn’t have this doll available when I did the Baen doll.
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