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In the real world making a movie out of one of Misty’s books is no more than a dream. The process of turning a literary property into a blockbuster starts with someone in the industry optioning a book. Then if the option is picked up, the books needs to be turned into a screenplay, then the movie is filmed, edited and released. (And yes the process is more complicated).

To date none of Misty’s books have been optioned. But that doesn’t prevent us from playing the casting game. Some of these castings have been contributed by readers, and some by Misty herself!

Arrows Trilogy Selany- Nicole Kidman
Dirk- Josh Hartnett
Kris- Paul Walker
Talia- Jennifer Garner
Skif- Toby MacGuire
Sherill- Julia Roberts
Jadus- An Older Mel Gibson
Elspeth- VERY YOUNG Reese Witherspoon
Arrows Trilogy Lord Orthallen- Christopher Lee (LoTR/StarWars:Ep2)
Arrows of the Queen I can say, with out a doubt: Orlando Bloom as Kris. Young, beautiful, everything you want in Kris. (yum)
Arrows of the Queen Talia: Early teen Lindsay Lohen
Arrows of the Queen Young Talia- young Anna Paquin (ala Fly Away Home)
Adult Talia- Drew Barrymore
Dirk- Heath Ledger
Arrows of the Queen, Take a Thief, and Exile’s Honor How about Alan Rickman as Herald Alberich, from the Valdemar books?
Vows and Honor Any of Mercedes Lackey’s books with a god appearance in it, but primarily the Vows and Honor trilogy when god appears to Tarma: Alanis Morissette (while she still had her waist-length hair) reprising her role as god in the movie Dogma.
Vows & Honor I can definitely see a young Anjelica Houston w/ blue contacts as Tarma and sweet, pretty Reese Witherspoon as Kehtry. Who better could look so innocent and defenseless and yet have backbone of pure steel? Perfect casting!! 🙂
Last Herald Mage Magic’s Promise and Magic’s Pawn- Orlando Bloom with his natural hair color
Magic’s Price- Matthew Porretta
Last Herald Mage Vanyel: Young Michael Praed, this has to be a no brainer.
Savil- Susan Sarandon
Other than Michael Praed, wouldn’t Brad Pitt (like he looked in Interview with the Vampire) be good?
Brightly Burning Ryan Philippe as Lavan from Brightly Burning, he has the look for it.
SERRAted Edge Tannim- Larry Dixon already said that Iva Davies from Icehouse (During the Man of Colours era) is the guy Tannim was loosely based on.
Donal and Conal- Matt & Gunnar Nelson in their long-hair days.
SERRAted Edge I think David Bowie would be a good Vidal Dhu. He has an otherworldly air about him, and he can do “evil” really well.
Bedlam’s Bard Eric- Forbes March
Hosea- Honestly, I couldn’t think of any actors who could play Hosea. When I read the book, I pictured my friend Jon in my mind as Hosea
Kory: Heath Ledger (with blonde dye, like in Knight’s Tale)
Beth- Alanis Morissette
Kayla- either Amy Lee or Avril Lavigne
Elizabet- Phylisha Rashad (I think that’s how you spell her name)
Ria- Kassy DePaiva
Paul- Montel Williams
Burning Water Diana- Young Catherine Zeta Jones, who else has the style and moves to play Diana?
Mark- Lou Diamond Philips
Robert- Jimmy Smits–the perfect person to turn into an Aztec god
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