Columbia: Reflections by Larry Dixon

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Columbia: Reflections by Larry Dixon


Columbia Memorial by Larry Dixon

This is the nature of human adventure.

We face dangers by misadventure, misfortune and even our own frailty, to rise high above the mediocre passivity that would leave us as only timid observers of our universe.

We strive to be dynamic participants and explorers instead. We will not settle for submission to fear, nor bow to the false security of ignorance.

The further from dull safety we go, we find the dangers to our life and limb increased. We step towards the unknown with certainty and bravery, eyes well open. We temper our fear, respectful of the risks but not slave to them.

Through force of will and strength of hope, inspired by enlightened wonder, we dare.
Larry Dixon Highflight
Tulsa Oklahoma
February 2003

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