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The Phoenix Endangered (2008) with James Mallory

About This Book

The Phoenix Endangered is the second book in the Enduring Flame trilogy.

Harrier Gillain, future Knight-Mage, and his best friend, Tiercel Rolfort, High Mage in training, tread familiar ground in this sequel to The Phoenix Unchained, following the command of the Light in a quest to destroy the Dark. Accompanied by Kateta, a pushy, nagging unicorn, and the mammoth black dragon Ancaladar, the teen heroes prepare themselves in the elven city of Karahelanderialigor before setting out in search of the Lake of Fire, where the Wildmage Bisochim Bluerobe is raising a fanatic horde of desert nomads. Harrier and Tiercel’s lengthy trek comes most vividly to life through the young nomad leader Shaiara, who risks her whole tribe on the chance of finding Abi’Abadshar, a legendary oasis of alien technology.