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Crossroads (2005)

About This Book

Crossroads and Other Tales of Valdemar is the third short story collection of tales set in Valdemar.An original short fiction anthology set in Mercedes Lackey’s bestselling world of Valdemar-featuring heroic Heralds and their horselike companions-and including an all-new novella by Lackey herself, as well as stories by masters such as Mickey Zucker Reichert, Judith Tarr, Tanya Huff, Michael Longcor and others and edited by Mercedes Lackey.

Stories include:
“Transmutation” by Larry Dixon
“The Feast of the Children” by Nancy Aspire
“Death in Keenspur House” by Richard Lee Byers
“Dawn of Sorrows” by Brenda Cooper
“Horse of Air” by Rosemary Edghill
“A Change of Heart” by Sarah A. Hoyt and Kate Paulk
“All the Ages of Man” by Tanya Huff
“War Cry” by Michael Longcor
“Strength and Honor” by Ben Ohlander
“The Blue Coat” by Fiona Patton
“Safe and Sound” by Stephanie D. Shaver
“Song For Two Voices” by Janni Lee Simner
“Finding Elvida” by Mickey Zucker Reichert
“Darkwall’s Lady” by Judith Tarr
“Naught but Duty” by Michael Z. Williamson
“Landscape of the Imagination” by Mercedes Lackey