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Charmed Destinies (2003) with Catherine Asaro and Rachel Lee

About This Book

Charmed Destinies includes three fantasy romances by Mercedes Lackey, Catherine Asaro, and Rachel Lee.

Stories are:

Counting Crows by Mercedes Lackey
In Lady Gwynhefar’s dark, lonely court, her only ally was noble Sir Elloran, a warrior willing to fight for her honor. But would her powerful spell capture his heart — or tumble the kingdom into chaos?Drusilla’s Dream by Rachel Lee
Every night Drusilla Morgan dreamed of courageous and handsome Miles Kennedy. Their quest: to battle evil and find true love. Yet when the sun rose, would Drusilla’s fantasy man become a reality.

Moonglow by Catherine Asaro
In a world where kings married for magic, Iris Larkspur was required to wed the prince — despite the spell that kept him deaf, mute and blind. Healing her bridegroom would take a power greater than any she’d ever known — one only two bonded hearts could provide!