When the Bough Breaks (1993) with Holly Lisle

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When the Bough Breaks (1993) with Holly Lisle

SERRAted Edge
When the Bough Breaks cover
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When the Bough Breaks
When the Bough Breaks is the third book in the SERRAted Edge series.There are elves out there. And they drive too fast. But they mean well. And they win races. But driving hot cars isn’t all they do. Sometimes they rescue children in peril. But this time it isn’t just the child who is in peril. This time we all are, because this abused little girl has more inherent psi power than anyone, moral or elf, who has ever lived- and in her pain she might destroy Earth and Faeri both… when the bough breaks.The Bedlam Bards series, the SERRAted Edge series, and the Diana Tregard books are all set in the same universe, and feature elves, magic, and modern life.When the Bough Breaks is currently out of print, but is part of The Otherworld, an omnibus edition that includes Wheels of Fire and When the Bough Breaks.

SERRAted Edge series

The Doubled Edge


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