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Trio of Sorcery (2010)

Trio of Sorcery
Trio of Sorcery cover
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Trio of Sorcery
Trio of Sorcery contains three novellas by Mercedes Lackey, revisiting two favorite characters, Diana Tregarde and Jennifer Talldeer, as well as a new character. It is currently scheduled for release in October 2010.

“Arcanum 101” goes back to Diana Tregarde’s college days, her first semester at Harvard. But of course she is a Guardian, and nothing is ever simple for a Guardian, not even what her neighbors are up to. Add in a missing child and a fraudulent psychic, and things only go from bad to worse.

“Drums” returns us to where we left Jenny Talldeer; shaking out her relationship with David, coping with the whims of the Little Old Man…and solving the mystery of mi-ah-lushka.

“Ghost in the Machine” introduces Ellen McBride, a magician of another sort, a techno-mage whose expertise is to unravel problems where sorcery and cybernetics meet, and who is called in when an MMORPG goes terribly wrong.


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