Magic’s Promise (1990)

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Magic’s Promise (1990)

The Last Herald Mage Trilogy
Magic's Promise cover
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Magic’s Promise
Magic’s Promise is the second book in the Last Herald Mage Trilogy.The wild magic is taking its toll on the land, and even Vanyel, the most powerful Herald-Mage to ever walk the world, is almost at the end of his strength. But when his Companion, Yfandes, receives a call for help from neighboring Lineas, both Herald-Mage and Companion are drawn into a holocaust of dark magic that could be the end of them both.

Books in this series are:

Music from the books can be found on the CD  Shadow Stalker .
The cover art prints by Jody Lee can be found here.
Published by DAW Books

Description © Teri Lee of Firebird Arts

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