Lark and the Wren (1991)

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Lark and the Wren (1991)

Bardic Voices
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The Lark & the Wren
The Lark & the Wren is the first book in the Bardic Voices series.
A Ghost Of A Chance 
A voice, an icy, whispering voice, came out of the darkness from all around her; from everywhere, yet nowhere. It could have been born of her imagination, yet Rune knew the voice was the Ghost’s, and that to run was to die. Instantly, but in terror that would make dying seem to last an eternity.”Why have you come here, stupid child?” it murmured, as fear urged her to run away. “Why were you waiting here? For me? Foolish child, do you not know what I am? What I could do to you?”Rune had to swallow twice before she could speak, and even then her voice cracked and squeaked with fear.”I’ve come to fiddle for you-sir?” she said, gasping for breath between each word, trying to keep her teeth from chattering.

The Ghost laughed, a sound with no humor in it, the kind of laugh that called up empty wastelands and icy peaks. “Well, then, girl. Fiddle, then. And pray to that Sacrificed God of yours that you fiddle well, very well. If you please me, if you continue to entertain me until dawn, I shall let you live, a favor I have never granted any other. But I warn you-the moment my attention lags, little girl-you’ll die like all the others and you will join all the others in my own private little Hell.”

Cover art by Darrell Sweet

Description © Teri Lee of Firebird Arts

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