Four and Twenty Blackbirds (1997)

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Four and Twenty Blackbirds (1997)

Bardic Voices
Four and Twenty Blackbirds cover
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Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Four and Twenty Blackbirds is the fourth book in the Bardic Voices series.A magical murderer is loose in Alanda. The victims are always women, always lower-class, and the weapon is always a three-sided stiletto, most often found among Church regalia, but the killers are never churchmen, and they always commit suicide immediately after the bloody deed.Tal Rufen is just a simple constable. But he really cares about his job, and when one of these murder/suicides happens on his beat he becomes obsessed. His superiors don’t care – the victims will never be missed, and their murderers are already justly dead. But every instinct Tal Rufen has cries out that he has seen only one small piece of a bigger and much nastier puzzle….

Books in this series are:

Description © Teri Lee of Firebird Arts

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