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Firebird (1996)

Fairy Tales
Firebird cover
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Firebird is the first book in the Fairy Tales series.In Firebird, Lackey draws inspiration from the classic Russian fairy tale to present a marvelous coming-of-age fantasy with a most unusual setting: medieval Russia before unification under the Tsars.Ilya is the son of a boyar, a Russian prince. In his father’s rough-and-tumble household, Ilya is persecuted by his large, doltish older brothers, who delight in tormenting him and making him seem the fool. His only friends are three old people: a priest, a magician, and a woman who toils in the palace kitchens. From them Ilya learns faith, a smattering of magic, and the power of love–all of which he will need desperately, for his life is about to be turned upside down.

The boyar’s magnificent cherry orchard is visited at midnight by the legendary Firebird–a gigantic, magnificent hawk whose wings seem to be made of flame. Ilya’s father and brothers swear to capture the magical creature–but each fails. When Ilya disobeys his father and makes his own attempt to catch the Firebird, he is banished.

The young man journeys through a fantastical Russia full of magical mazes, enchanted creatures. and untold dangers. Gifted with the ability to understand the speech of animals, Ilya saves the life of a fox, who becomes his most steadfast companion. As happens in the best fairy tales, Ilya falls in love with an enchanted princess, and wins the heart of the Firebird.

Books in this series:

Description © Teri Lee of Firebird Arts

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