Elvenborn (2002) with Andre Norton

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Elvenborn (2002) with Andre Norton

Halfblood Chronicles
Elvenborn cover
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Elvenborn is the first book in the Halfblood Chronicles Trilogy.The third Halfblood chronicle continues to unfold a mighty struggle among elves of great power, elves of lesser power, and the former slaves and other foes of the elves, who have a lot of substantial grievances but no power. The elven lord Kyrtian, having escaped a vicious plot to seize everything he owns, now finds that his archaic military skills are needed for the elven lords’ fight against their own children. But Kyrtian is properly skeptical of his peers, and as the war escalates, he must continually reevaluate friends as well as foes.

Books in this series in chronological order:

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