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Aerie (2006)

Dragon Jousters
Aerie cover
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Aerie is the fourth and final book in the Dragon Jousters series, which started with Joust and continued with Alta and Sanctuary.
In the fourth and final novel of Mercedes Lackey’s Dragon Jousters series, Kiron, the man who had once been a dragon-boy called Vetch, has united the dragon riders and managed to rid their world of both war and magical domination. But are the evil Magi really gone for good? As Kiron tries to build a new civilization at the site of an abandoned cliff dweller’s city, called Aerie, conflicts arise, and he soon realizes there is a vast conspiracy at work, which includes individuals who have infiltrated every walk of life-even his own family. Once the heads of the Magi, these conspirators are determined to regain their sinister control.Books in this series (in order) are:

Cover art by Jody Lee.

Published by DAW Books

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