Music. Just music.

This blog is only going to be about music.  What I am listening to, what I am writing to, what inspires scenes, and why on earth I used “X” as the title to a chapter.

For instance, turning on the Wayback Machine, in 1982 I spent most of the summer listening to Ralph Vaughn Williams Sinfonia Antarctica as I wrote Arrow’s Flight.

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4 Responses to “Music. Just music.”

  1. Kerwyn Says:

    I would suggest a wonderful work to listen to is the soundtrack to the Da Vinci Code by Hans Zimmer. The Chevaliers de Sangreal is fabulous!

  2. Niki Ruks Says:

    I love to listen to Sia or Poe they both have voices like an angel and it is just so soothing to listen to while I’m reading one of your stories

  3. Mercedes Lackey Says:

    Hans Zimmer. Awesome. From the live concert. I think I own every soundtrack he’s written.

  4. Niki Ruks Says:

    I will have to check out Hans Zimmer. Any relationship to Marion Zimmer Bradley by the way

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