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Welcome to the FAQ for Mercedes Lackey. Please note that, for now, "Ask Misty" is no longer accepting new questions for Misty. But there are hundreds of great questions already answered in the archive, so have fun reading them!

The question most often asked is "Will there be more Valdemar books?" After twenty seven Valdemar books, written over a 20 year span, Mercedes Lackey has decided to take a break from writing about Valdemar, Heralds and Companions. Her last Valdemar book for the next several years will be "Exile's Honor", and the anthology "Sun in Glory". In her own words:
Hey, everybody needs a vacation, even from the best job. So, until I come up with a story set in Velgarth that is as compelling as the ones you've enjoyed in the past, I'm taking a break. The last thing I want is for my own favorite series to start limping along and go out with a whimper.
Misty - Tulsa, Oklahoma

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