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Q: Dear Misty,

Was given my first M. Lackey novel by a friend of mymom's as a teenager living in Oklahoma. It wasMagics's Pawn; and I never looked back.
Another series I really enjoyed centered around DianaTregarde, witch, crime solver, hot babe. I'm sure thisquestion has been asked to death, but here goes: willDiana make a reappearance? Her world was one of my faves. Jinx High and Burning Water were books I read and re-read.Sincerely,

A: It's possible. We're seeing how they do in re-release in Trade Paper.


Q: Just want to thank Ms. Lackey for the wonderful books. Just finished Serpents shadow, just wonderful. Reminds me of Dennis Wheatly with out thedarkness. A: Grin. Thanks!


Q: WOW!!! Another Browncoat!!!

I was so amazed to find Serenity on your startup page. I loved Fireflyand was massively disappointed when the show was cancelled. I snatched upthe DVD as soon as I found it, and loved the unaired shows as much as, if not more than, the ones that were aired. Unfortunately I was only able toafford to see the movie once, but I'm stashing so that I can get that DVDwhen it hits stores. I wholeheartedly agree that the movie exceeded any expectations I had for it.

I am so tickled that my favorite author shares my enthusiasm for this Joss Whedon masterpiece. So, to keep this on the "FAQ" topic, what othertelevision shows and movies can you watch over and over again without ever getting sick of them?

A: Oddly enough....The movie "Hatari." It is one of my all-time favorites. Terrific script by Leigh Brackett (also a fantastic SF writer), John Wayne being himself, one of Red Buttons' best comic roles, some great eye-candy in the form of Howard Hawks vista-shots and some great eye-candy in the form of a the co-stars. Wonderful, upbeat, enjoyable movie.

Shaolin Soccer.

The Bela Lugosi and Louis Jourdan Draculas

Titanic, for the costumes

Lord of the Rings trilogy

Zorro, for Antonio Banderas

That's by no means all, but it will give you an idea of my rather eclectic tastes


Q: This isn't a question so much as a thank you.

To Misty Lackey.

I loved Marion Bradley's Darkover books and always meant to tell her how much I appreciated them and the work she put into them. I never got round to it and she died before I could. I don't want to regret not telling someone how much I enjoy their work, ever again.

I came to your work via Marion's Sword and Sorceress books - (The Tarma and Kethry stories). I liked them immediately, (I'm fond of warrior/mage stories and Tarma is a unique hero).

As soon as the short bio in front of one of these stories said you had a novel coming out I tried to find it. Not easy here in England! I eventually managed to find the 3 Storm books. I loved them and knew I wanted more! So I moved heaven and earth to get more.

It's still not easy finding your work here in the UK, but the rise of the internet means I now buy most of my books on-line from the USA! So I have everything!

I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for Valdemar. Thanks for creating a whole world of fascinating and believable characters. And thanks especially for Tarma and Kethry.


A: And thank you for going to all that effort to try and find my books!

Q: Okay, First I love all of your books. I have the usual story. My parents divorced in 1991 and there was a legal tug-of-war regarding visitation. The Department of Social Services became involved and other than making a lot of threats against me for coming forward about my father's abuse, they did nothing. So, I read everything I could get my hands on. Fiction in this case was a safer and far happier environment. I stumbled across Arrows of the Queen my freshman year in high school (it had been out for seven years). After that I spent all of the money I earned as a cashier in a grocery store buying your books. My prize however is a first edition copy of "A River's Gift." I would certainly love to see more books like those, which you could write in your copious spare time of course!I loved you Diana Tregarde series and Sacred Ground but my first love remained Valdemar until you started the SERRAted Edge series. Elves and race cars. There is no better combination in my mind unless you throw in a Bard or two. I especially loved the banjo play Appalacian boy, whose name escapes me at the moment, from Spirits White as Lighting. While reading the list of questions and response on FAQ, I had a thought (better get the fire extingisher). You had a character named Anita who moved from St. Louis, Missouri working for the half elven lady(whose name has also left my sieve of a mind). Any connection between her and Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake or did I just completely miss the boat on this one? Also, is Keighvin ever going to get a romantic interest? Not that I don't love him, but he's entirely to cocky and someone needs to do something about the whole medieval feudal baron thing and w! ho better than a strong-willed female? Also, what is his status in the Underhill/Elven hierarchy? Prince, king, indian chief, court jester? Illegitamite son of Oberon? Titania's secret lover?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I admire you and your work and am deeply sorry about what you have gone through with stalkers and such. I wish you the best and look forward to helping keep you employed (through buying your books with your other fans).

A: I'm very glad that our books provided a haven for you; sometimes when things get rotten, the only place to escape is into a book. I hope things are getting better for you.

Now for all your questions:

"Anita" in the Bedlam's Bard series is Rosemary's little homage to the L.K. Hamilton books, all right! Good on you for catching that one!

Keighvin is actually so much of a secondary character (a little like Charlie in Charlie's Angels) that I doubt we'll ever do much with him. However, in the new prequel series set in Tudor England, you'll at least find out where the feud between the Silverhair clan and Vidal Dhu began. As for his status, if he chose to go by anything but "Boss" or "Boss-man," it would be Prince; he has his own realm of Fairegrove Underhill, which is certainly large enough for him to qualify as a prince.

Q: First of all, I'm a huge fan of all of your works, and have been avidly following them since junior high. I especially love the Last Herald Mage trilogy and the Mage Winds trilogy, as well as the last two booksstarring Eric Banyon. Recently, I got my hands on _Joust_ just as it came out in the book stores, and I can't wait to see where the series goes. I'd just like to say that you are so awesome for turning out such wonderful books one after the other for your ever adoring (and desperate :p) fans!
That said, I just have a small question for you. I've been catching up on the Elemental Masters series lately. I thought I had read them all untilI checked your website and found that Fire Rose is also listed under that series. However, it's not listed in the "Other Books by Author" sectionof any of your other books. Why is that? Is the book out of print orsomething?
Thanks for your time,
A: Well the answer for that is simple enough; it's not listed in the "Otherbooks by author" because it's not from the same publisher. In general,publishers are not really inclined to advertise each other's books. Kind oflike asking Coke to advertise a Pepsico product....

Q: A long time ago I read a couple of short stories you wrote- Dragon's Teeth and Balance about a mage named Martis and her bodyguard Lyran. I don't expect you to write any more stories about them, (if you can even remember the characters) their are to many similarities with some of your other series, but I was wondering if their were any other stories out their about them? Also, if possible some of your fans might like to read the stories, if you are permitted to post them on your short fiction section. I don't think to may people will be able to find the anthology Spell Singers. A: I haven't done anything with Martis and her bodyguard Lyran, although thereis always the possibility that one day I might again. Both stories havebeen re-collected in a short story collection, FIDDLER FAIR, still in printfrom Baen, and available both as a free download from the Baen Free Libraryand through Firebird in book form.

Q: Dear Misty, I've been a long time fan of ALL of your books, especially the Tregarde books and Valdemar. I've just picked up your newest book "Joust" and finished it all in the same day and I absolutely LOVED it. I'm hungry for more on Vetch/Kiron so I just have 2 questions. 1) Will there be more books about Vetch? and 2) Is there a possibility that Ari and Vetch might become "more than friends"? On a personal note, I would dearly love to see that happen but I would also love to see what YOU have planned for Vetch and Ari. Once again, LOVE all your books, be well! A: There is at least one more book planned, and after that, we will have to see how the series does. The relationship between Ari and Vetch is very much a father/son mentor/student relationship,


Q: This is my first visit to your homepage - and I am so sorry to hear of the horrible things you've gone through. However, I've enjoyed your books from the beginning - I like Diana Tregarde and have bought and paid for those stories along with all the others. A croning project for me is thanking the people whose works help me on my way. So, thank you for The Gates of Sleep. Your writing is so like the art produced by your characters and, as synchronicity so often has it, I picked it up recently when my fascination began with Gustav Klimt's art. Thank you and stay safe.! A: Awwwww!

Q: First, let me say that I enjoy your books, especially the Valdmar series. I really like the way that you portray intelligent 'animals'. Have you ever thought about writing a story in Robert Adams 'Horse Clans' world? The author passed away in the late 80's I believe and for a while the estate was in litigation. If you never read the series, Adams had large sabre toothed tigers with mental abilities; mostly mind-speak, as well as horses who had a good deal less of the same abilities.
Lastly, when will you write the next book dealing with the empire and Valdmar?


A: As a matter of fact, I did write a story in the Horseclans story; it was in the "Friends of the Horseclans" anthology, and re-serialized in one of my two Baen short-story anthologies (either FIDDLER FAIR or WEREHUNTER).

Q: Dear Misty,
I am a newcomer to reading your work and am trully enjoying it! A friend insisted I read Gates of Sleep as I love stories of elemental type magic (specially water), and well now you have a new fan. I am currently reading The Serpents Shadow, and was wondering if you had a publication date for Phoenyx & Ashes?
A second question ... in another post you noted that there would be at least one more book in your Fairy Tale/Elemental Masters series, is Phoenyx & Ashes the last book you were speaking of? or do you have plans to write at least one other book in the Elemental Masters series?
Thank you for taking the time to read my questions.
A: At the moment, the only one left in the Elemental Masters series is Phoenyxand Ashes, but since Betsy Wollheim likes the series quite a lot, I think wecan probably count on more of them. I had a notion about using "Puss InBoots"---and the early, pioneering days of the cinema....

Q: Message from Misty A: For those of you who have cable and Showtime, there is a series now on byPenn & Teller that I am tempted to say is "required viewing."It's called B*LLSH*T! (with the appropriate letters where the asterisksare), and it's on Friday nights.

Penn and Teller are debunking with a vengeance. Their first target is therash of so-called mediums with their hardcover books and audience shows.Especially the ones with the big-money TV shows. They show you how it'sdone, and more importantly, they show you what you don't see when the two orthree hours that's taped gets edited down to 45 minutes.....

There's a lot of strong language there, so if you're young, and your parentsare not comfortable with strong language, HAVE THEM WATCH WITH YOU. It willdo them good. And talk about the show afterwards. And as Penn Jilletteexplains, there's a legal reason for the strong language; if they called theshow FRAUD! and called these people quacks, frauds and liars, they could getsued, but if they call the show B*LLSH*T! and call them &())%^$#, #^^&%$,and &^^%$#) then they won't end up in court.

Make time for this show. Tape it, TIVO it, share it with your friends.

Q: Greetings. As a fan of many of Mercedes Lackey's books and gryphon art in general, it occurs to me they are still a very rare find. Can you tellme if there are or have been (or will be, if we are lucky) any comics,graphic novels or cartoon versions of any of Lackey's works? Or, any other gryphon-involved stories? You could choke on all the dragons, unicornsand elves out there. A: There are no plans and has been no interest in comics, graphic novels, orcartoons. Mind, I would probably turn down any cartoon offers; one of myco-writers, Ellen Guon, worked in animation/kidvid/cartoons, and if youthink the adulteration of the original story is generally bad in movies(LotR and Harry Potter being the shining exceptions) you should see whathappens in kidvid. I know of at least one case where there was exactly oneline left of an author's original story when the Committees and toy sellersgot done with it.


Q: I'm in the middle of reading Shadow of the Lion and have noticed somestrong similarities to the old Merovingen Nights series. In fact, I noticedthem by just looking at the map of Venice in the front, and then by thecircumstances of Marco and Benito, and Caesare as an evil Mondragon. Given that youwrote the the original stories about the orphaned boys for the MerovinganNights, I take it there's no copyright issue? I also wonder how many others willcatch it. A: Character, place, object, or plot-element that was written by any of the other collaborators was eliminated; I used only my own material andcharacters. I don't know if anyone is going to notice the 'recycling,'since the series has been out of print for years. Given that the recycledportion is only 50,000 words out of 250,000, I doubt anyone is going to feelcheated.

Q: After reading your sites FAQ FAQ the majority of my questions were answered. But one that I did not see was, whether you would be writing anymore books in the Bardic Voices series? I've enjoyed all the characters so far and to have any return would be great. As would new characters for that matter in an earlier time.

Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to read this I understand that even if you want to do more in this series it probably won't be for a few years.

A: At the moment, that is one of those things that is on the "some time in the future" list. I just counted up the books that I have to complete that I already have contracts for, and it's rather daunting, and more than enough to fill up my time for the next couple of years!

Q: Just one Quick Question?
Do you think that "Joe Gibes" just may be an Elf?
Although I like all I have read I hope that there will be more Elves and Racing. Child and Youth protection is of Paramount concern for me. As a GrandFather of 7 and raising 2 of them. because of the problems in the drug culture.
Keep flying hi,
A: No, young Joe is %100 human. Just happens to be a strangeness magnet.

Q: I just finished reading joust and I loved it. The different view of dragons and the world that it is set in. I hope that sometime in the future you are able to continue the story of kiron. thanks for being such a good writer. A: Cool!

Q:Dear Misty, I know that this is a small thing, but in your book Fire Rose you mention that in the east Masters of the Earth are Masters of Dragons, Air Masters are Masters of Eagles and that Fire Masters are Masters of Phoenix but what were Water Masters? A: Tortoise.

Q: I am an aspiring filmmaker (currently working on my first as a director, though not my first as a crew member) and a longtime fan of your books, especially the Valdemar series. Do you see where this is going? If the idea is agreeable to you, I would love to (be honoured to) make a film from one of your books. I have no money whatsoever, but I've never let that stop me before...It would only be independent of course (I mean, come on) and probably wouldn't reach very many people (film festivals mostly) so it would probably not make any money (at least it's not like I would be refusing to pay you, and of course you'd have full creative control and could even kick me off the project if you really wanted to--even though I am the one with the camera--and I wouldn't DREAM of screwing up your story.) If you're at all interested in this please drop me a line at my email address. There's no telling when I'll make it back to your website, and I didn't see a personal address for you...and if that's for the reasons I suspect, then I would just like to apologise on behalf of the idiots of the world. Oh and by the way...You're my hero. A: I am happy you love the books, and we're happy you are able to pursue your dream---but I'm also very sorry, but film rights are not in my hands, but my agent's, and he would take a very dim view of anyone who did not get in touch with him first. As in, lawyers, litigation, cease-and-desist-letters, and other unpleasantness. You know, shark stuff. You may contact him, Russell Galen, of the Scovil Chichak Galen Agency in New York City.

Q: Hi! I'm sure I'm not alone among your fans in having found some very important friends among the characters of your books (my favorite authors all have this amazing ability to create characters I really connect with and with whom I enjoy spending time; Kerowyn, Kethry, Tarma, and Vanyel kept me going during some rough times of my own). So I was wondering -- when you have time to read (you *do*, don't you?), who are the characters you enjoy spending time with? Or is that too personal?

Thanks for all you and Larry do -- it makes the world a brighter place. A: When I have time to read...heh. It's mostly nonfiction for research thesedays. However, when I want to sit down with some old friends, it's oftenPeter Wimsey (author: Dorothy L. Sayers), Frodo and company (JRR Tolkein),or Amelia Peabody (author: Elizabeth Peters, who also writes under two otherpseudonyms) and like everyone else in the world, I am eagerly awaiting thepublication of Joanna Rowling's next Harry Potter book.

Q: First and foremost my gratitude for everything you've written. Your fantasy worlds have made life a little better when someone can retreat intofantasy everyone in a while. I was wondering how you came about the story for Knight of Ghosts and Shadows? I was a southern Faire brat at Agura. The details you used in your story sent me back to those "golden olden" days. Even to the actual names of the people you wrote about! This was an incredible find for me. The details about the San Fernando Valley were incredible also! The next book in the series (the name escapes me at the moment) and the wonderful details of the Northern Faire site areincredible!
I was wondering if you "played Faire" at all or was the research done by your co-author? I realize you probably get these messages all the time, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for thework you do. I also have never missed any Valdamer book or the Bardic Voices books. Your detail of personalities is one of the major reasons you aremy favorite author. Please continue to write as much as you can. The wonderful pictures you husband Larry has incorporated into your books has made the people come alive for me!
A: You can thank my co-author, Ellen Guon, for all of the Faire detail; sheworked Northern Faire with the Celtic folks for years and years as afiddler.

Q: Dear Ms Lackey, I'm 13 and I have a few questions about Firebird. Not about Valdemar (like so many other questions) but about the near-end of Firebird. All the question have something to do with the Firebird's "death" *ahem*
1) You know how when the Firebird disappeared after beating the Katschei? Well, how did she disappear? Wasn't she dead?
2) If she was "alive" why could Ilya talk to animals anymore?
3) How could she just appear out of no where? If she was "dead" why did Ilya's feather suddenly start to glow out of no where?
4) Why wasn't Ilya's feather glowing until after he caught Tatiana with Pietor?
5) How could he just talk to animals suddenly after the Firebird's "death"? He couldn't talk to the dogs but when the vixen and the bird showed up BOOM! He could talk to them!
I apologise if I have caused an inconvenience for you. But I thank you for putting up with my questions and actually reading them.
Thanks again
A: The Firebird did not die when she defeated the Katschei, she simply disappeared. Being a magical creature, she is able to do a number of magical things including "disappear", and she did so, unselfishly, in order that Ilya could concentrate on the princess rather than her. Because Ilya was then so wound up in his infatuation with the princess, he didn't think about her or even try to talk to animals, and the animals didn't try to get his attention until they actually had something to say to him and he was ready to listen.

Q: Just one Quick Question? Do you think that "Joe Gibes" just may be an Elf?

Although I like all I have read I hope that there will be more Elves and Racing. Child and Youth protection is of Paramount concern for me. As a GrandFather of 7 and raising 2 of them. because of the problems in the drug culture. A: No, young Joe is 100% human. Just happens to be a strangeness magnet. >

Q: Kuddos to you for being willing to kill off your characters. I find that few authors have the guts for this. I don't know if it because they fear to antagonize their or what. A: I think it's because characters are like kids. Who wants to kill their kids?

Q: Why are you not considering any movies based on the Valdemar books (I mean, is there an actual reason or is it that you are presently too committed to other projects?). A: Well, the reason "I" am not considering any movies based on the Vademar books is because I don't have 200 million dollars to make a movie, and I don't think anyone would be likely to drop that much money in my lap!

As to the answer to a very different question, which is why no one has approached me to take the option on making a movie on one of the Valdemar books, I can only speculate based on what I know about the movie industry.

First, very few books are ever considered suitable to be made into movies---of the hundreds of fiction books published every month in all genres, less than 1% are ever even considered to be optioned, and 99% of those are those who have hit Number One on the New York Times Bestseller List. We've never even placed on the New York Times Bestseller List.

Secondly, just because an option has been taken on a book, that does not mean that it will actually ever be made into a movie. George C. Scott held the option on "Mists of Avalon" for decades, renewing it faithfully every time it came up, and it has never been made into a movie.

Thirdly, in general, movie-makers would rather not option books; authors tend to make a lot of trouble for them. First of all, they insist on being paid (which is an additional expense over and above that of the screenplay writer), they often seem to think that they can write a better screenplay than the screenplay writer the producer wants, and they have this unreasonable insistence that the movie bear some resemblence to the book that they wrote---and when it doesn't, they can (and do) create negative publicity.

Fourthly, fantasy movies, unlike science fiction and horror movies, have generally been considered as unlikely to turn a profit in the industry. Historically, that actually is the case for those which have been big budget productions on the order of SW or ST---"Willow" was a horrible box-office failure, I don't believe that "Dragonheart" made nearly as much as a comparable science fiction or horror movie. Going further back, the Ralph Bakshi "Lord of the Rings" flopped, and Disney's "Dragonslayer" managed to only break even. "Dark Crystal" only just broke even after several years, and the same for "Labyrinth" and "Legend". The Conan movies did all right, but again, didn't match the numbers that Arnold's science fiction movies pulled. That's put fantasy movie-making into the hands of the "B" movie set---that's "low-budget" to those of you who aren't familiar with drive-in terminology---and frankly I'd rather not see Valdemar in the ungentle hands of the same kinds of movie-makers who turned Andre Norton's brilliant "Beast Master" book into something that was so unrecognizable (and so bad) that she demanded that her name be taken off of it.

Q: Please forgive me if you have answered this before, but I heard a rumor that there are not going to be anymore Diana Tregarde novels. Is this true? I love those novels. I also wanted to say how much I love the Owl novels, the Oatbound novels, and the Gryphon novels. I still have many more to go and I look forward to each one!
I also greatly admire the bird rehab you do I am a bird lover too. I have five babies of my own and I am seriously considering operating a similar program for unwanted pet birds.
With great admiration,
A: There are no plans for any more Diana Tregarde novels at this time.

Q: I see that several of your novels have been released in ebook format most in Palm Reader format only. Is there any plans to put them out into other formats? I would love to have a collection of your books with me in e-book format but I use a Gemstar Reader. A: have nothing to do with how DAW titles are released in e-format; this is all handled by Sean Fodera with DAW books, and any questions should be directed to him. Baen books are available in a lot of formats, and so far as I am aware, Tor titles are not available at all.

Q: Dear Ms. Lackey, Greetings, With the knowledge that you do not attend fan Cons, I was wondering how one would go about getting a signed copy of one of your wonderful books. I was also wondering if one would send you, paid postage, a book, if you would sign it? A: If you'll send an SASE to PO Box 8309, Tulsa OK 74101, we will be happyto send you signed bookplates for your books, thanks!

Q: Hello! First off, I'd like to say you are one of my favorite authors, I adore your work. In fact, Last Herald Mage was the first piece of fantasy fiction i ever read and i've been an addict ever since. Thank you for that. That said, i was curious as to when the new web sites may be up? Best of luck and thank you for taking the time to answer us! it's greatly appreciated.
A: Thank you! Haven't a clue when the new web site will be up; I need to catch up with the designers, I think, and see what they have to say.

Q: Hi Misty,
Maybe I'm a bit thick, so I hope you'll bear with me. You mentioned that STONED SOULS will be taking the place of the third Tannim book. Does that mean that STONED SOULS will also be a book about Tannim or is the subject matter completely different? If so, could you give us a bit of a 'taste', so to speak about what it's about?
A: STONED SOULS will take place in Northern Florida, and will featureDottie and the surviving twin-elf Conal from Fairgrove, whose vacationgoes sharply askew.

Q: I'm a recent convert and found the Diana Tregarde series quite recently (and just found Burning Water and Jinx High in my local independent book store) and after scanning briefly through Jinx High don't find any obvious reference to the vampire from Children of the Night.

I understand from this website that you aren't doing any more Diana Tregarde, and also understand why, although it makes me sad and angry that you were put in this position. My question is this:

What WOULD have happened in that relationship - it seemed so ideal and was quite romantic, plus they made a good partnership.

A: The ultimate plan for Andre and Di was pretty romantic. Andre moved inwith her a bit after CHILDREN---there's a brief cameo with him on thephone to Larry Kestrel at the beginning of JINX. They are pretty much apermanent Item and partners in occult investigation. There's a shortstory with him and Di in one of the short story collections from Baen.

Q: Hi there,
As a loyal reader and fan of all of your various works to date I was a little upset to run across a archive on line that had a story posted that largely copied your "Diana Tregarde" series. I can respect and honor your decision on ending the series, sadthat a small number of folks can cause such big problems.

Here's the link to the site if you wish to review it.

A: The CONCEPT of the "occult detective/defender" has a long and honorableheritage, and of other writers currently doing the same, try RosemaryEdgehill and Katherine Kurtz (the "Adept" series). And for some interestingbits and pieces in the past, such diverse talents as Somerset Maugham, DioneFortune, Agatha Christie (the "Harley Quinn" stories) and Sax Rohmer haveall given it a try. I appreciate the concern, indeed, but the concept isn'tcopyrightable, indeed, no concept is. Which is just as well, or I mighthave gotten into trouble!

Q: Hi,

Just wanted to thank you and Mercedes Lackey for possibly saving my life. Yes, I am referring to Firebird selling THE GIFT OF FEAR in your catalogue.

When I learned my Mother was terminally ill this Spring, I realized there would be problems with my abusive father. I was frightened, having nightmares, etc. when I 'accidentally' stumbled onto the book in your catalogue.

Sorry, I went IMMEDIATELY to Borders to pick GIFT OF FEAR up and sat down to read it as soon as I returned home. I was that afraid and could notay why. I finished most of it in one setting and it helped me understand how I was feeling.

Thanks to the book, I have a better understanding of my Father and how to deal with him in the future. Hopefully, he will not act out towards me--but he has displayed threat behavior. There is 500 miles between usnow and I hope more emotional distance than that.

I cannot thank you enough for offering this book in your catalogue.

A: Oh wow. Oh damn. Oh, thank you, God!!!!!!

Firebird: The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker is a wonderful book on how to avoid becoming a crime statistic, how to trust your inner voice, and how to deal with stalkers and abusers. Great book by a great writer and world expert on violent behavior

Q: Is Eric Banyon human? Are you going to do more elf books? A: Eric Banyon is entirely human. Eluki bes Shahar and I are collaboratingon at least two more Eric/Beth/Kory books, and we do have a happy endingplanned. With luck there may yet be more Bedlam Bards books than that.Esther Friesner and I are collaborating on STONED SOULS, a new SERRAbook with Dotty and elven Donal from BORN TO RUN. And, with luck, therewill be more SERRA books as well.
However, I doubt that Oberon is likely to show up in either book. Ihave no particular wish to wake up and find that I've had a headtransplant with a donkey.

Q: I have been a huge fan for quite some time. I just finished reading the latest novel of Errold's Grove and LOVED it!! I have also completed Werehunter and noticed that at the beginning of the last short story about Grey, you hinted continuing the story line but wanted feedback. Well I thought I would let you know that I would be thrilled to see Nan, Sarah and Grey evolve into wonderful characters. I think the story line is excellant. This will be an exciting new series for me to delve into and cause me to drop everything to read it. I hope to see it someday.

Also, I really enjoyed the Skitty and Scat short stories, that too would be an excellant new series.
I can not wait for all the new books coming forth in the next few years and I am forever itching to get my hands on new Velgarth novels. I hope you never end them!

A: Thanks very much! Young Darian cleans up pretty well, doesn't he?

Q: I've just finished reading WEREHUNTER and intend to read the Diana novels when I can get them - not easy in the UK but getting easier. In the preface to GREY'S GHOST Ms Lackey asks if people other than parrot-lovers would be interested in more of these stories and I'd like to answer this with a definite yes. I'm also looking forward to TEMPEST FUGIT and anything else from Valdemar, having just finished OWLKNIGHT. 1/16/2000 A:Well, I can tell you all what the next several books will be:In SERRATED EDGE: "Stoned Souls" co-written with Esther FriesnerIn BEDLAM BARDS: "Beyond World's End" co-written with Eluki bes ShaharIn Valdemar: "Brightly Burning" about Lavan Firestorm; that will be outin the spring.And in the fall, "The Serpent's Shadow," an Edwardian fantasy set inLondon.

Q: I was in a book store this past week and I noticed a new book ( Chrome Borne ?? ) I believe the title was . I skimed thru it and it is VERY SIMULER to Chrome Circle ; except that it has twice as many pages as the origanel ? is this a reprint , or is this a combonation of two books under a new title ?? A: CHROME BORN is a compilation of CHROME CIRCLE and BORN TO RUN.
Baen has put outcompilation volumes of just about everything we've written at thispoint.

Q: I started reading your books when I was 12 (a whole three years ago) and I -really- enjoyed all of the books that had gryphons in them. I've always hoped you would make a movie out of one of your books involving gryphons. You think you would be willing at all to do this? I know a whole slew of people that would like you to A: I know we've already covered the topic of movies before, but here is theshort form.

We don't have anything to do with making movies out of our books. Forone thing, we don't happen to have a spare million dollars lying aroundto make the movie with. The people who do make movies are called"Producers" and specialize in getting the money and people together tomake movies. It is very much a more complicated thing to do than mostpeople think, which is why a successful producer is VERY successful andlives in a big mansion in Hollywood.

These people generally do not make movies out of fantasy books, becausethere is the feeling that "fantasy movies don't do well." So I doubtthat you'll see any movies from us any time in the future.

Q: Have you ever considered offering unabridged (audio) versions of your books? Ihave purchased all of Anne McCaffreys by brilliance corp.. and use themas I clean house (which I hate to do) I have been on the look out forsome of yours.. I am mildly dyslexic, and while I can read well, I havemany friends who are severely dyslexic who use book cassettes... Theywould love to share your stories as well. 4/20/99

A: Folks have wondered if we will ever have books-on-cassette or (gasp) amovie done from our books.
The answer is: it's not in our hands.
The books-on-tape and movie-options are definitely a BUYERS market. These people decide what they are going to produce and offer. Theyassume (rightly) that no one would turn down their offers to produceother products, and can pick and choose as they please. So far, no onehas seemed particularly interested in our works.

Q: I want to know when you're going to make movies out of all your books? I recently saw some good ideas for one with hawkbrothers. If you did this I promise that me and all my friends would see it and I know that all your fans are ready to support you. (P.S.- If you do it will be even more popular than Titanic)

A: "We" don't determine whether or not our books get made into movies. Wearen't running a Hollywood Studio, after all! Nor is anyone likely tolend us the ten or twenty million dollars neccessary to finance such aproject.

Of all the books published in a given year, fewer than thirty areoptioned for movies by producers or would-be producers. Of that thirty,most are New York Times Bestsellers (we've never once made the list). Of that thirty that are optioned---which means the producer paid moneyand signed a contract with the author and agent so that he has the rightto make it into a movie within the amount of time specified in thecontract---only one or two are ever actually made into movies.

Just as an example, a very major Hollywood actor has held the option onMarion Zimmer Bradley's book, MISTS OF AVALON, ever since it came out(and this is a book that spent many WEEKS on the New York TimesBestseller List). He has faithfully renewed the option every year, forthe past umpteen years.

It has never been made into a movie.

This is a book that has everything going for it---Bestseller status,Arthurian chronicle, very famous actors dying to play the lead roles.

It has never been made into a movie.

The fact is, we are far more likely to be struck by lightning than haveANY of our books made into movies, much less all of them.

So enjoy making up "dream casts," but don't expect to see themfulfilled.

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