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Q: Dear Ms. Lackey,
While browsing through your lovely website, I noticed your book projects. One of those projects is your second Valdemar short story collection. It said it was to be released Summer/Fall 02 but I have checked my bookstores, and the Daw books website for the book. Has the book been moved back? And if so, when is the new release date?
And second of all, what happen to Larry’s wonderful drawings? I have not seen any in the last book. I always love them because I know thatis how you picture so-and-so because Larry and you work together on getting the drawings just right.
Thank you for your time and for your wonderful books. I love themall and couldn’t pick a favorite if my life depended upon it.

A: The book has been moved several times, and I honestly don’t know when it isdue out. I’m always the last to know, anyway! (g). Larry has been workingon a lot of projects independent of me at my urging; several covers forsmall magazines, some work for Wizards of the Coast and currently a hugegaming project. for Steve Jackson.

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