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Q: I’ve been a fan of Mercedes for quite a while, specifically the Serrated Edge books and the Diana Tregarde series. I was disappointed to see on the web page that the Tregarde series didn’t sell well enough to justify additional books. In my opinion they are far superior to the Hamilton Anita Blake series, which appears to have degenerated into soft core porn instead of relying on the plot to sell copies.

My main question is whether or not additional Serrated Edge books are planned. Chrome Circle wrapped up some loose ends but it also created some and seemed to end with a sequel planned. Based on the publishing of the consolidated book, Chrome Borne, it would seem that they are at least selling well enough to justify additional sequels.

I’m sorry to hear about the death threats and the problems with irrational people. In my line of work I deal with white supremacists and various other anti-government fringe folk and it can indeed be disquieting to realize what motivates them and the depth of some of delusions held by people

A: Larry, Josepha Sherman and I are working on another SERRA book, calledSTONED SOULS which should be finished in the next couple of months.

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