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Q: I noticed on the News page it mentioned that you are doing a sequel to James Schmitz’s Witches of Karres with Eric Flint and David Greer. I have regretted the fact that there was no sequel since the first time I read Witches of Karres and wondered how the sequel came about.
Also,previously you had mentioned that you are writing a full length novel about Grey(Shades of Grey, I believe) and I wondered if it was still in the works, as ithas not been listed on the Mercedes Lackey News page. I have been looking forward to reading more about Grey since I read the short stories.

Thankyou for taking the time to answer fans’ questions.

A: To take the last question first, yes, I am slowly working out a plotline for a Grey novel, and there will be more Grey stories, including a novella inMURDER MOST MAGICAL edited by Rosemary Edgehill.The way that the WoK sequel came about was because, as editor and re-issuerof the entire James Schmitz oevre, Eric Flint was given permission by theestate to write a sequel. Since he knows how much I adore WoK, since DaveFreer does a good Schmitz imitation, and since we all play so nicelytogether, it seemed natural for all three of us to do one. It’s going toinvolve our heros hiding from the intergallactic bad guys on a giant circusship that visits backwater ag worlds. It’s actually a bit more than acircus, it also has a complete midway, a carnival full of sideshows, adown-at-the-heels Shakespearian troupe….if you combine the 1800s-styleBarnum with vaudeville, touring ‘artistic’ companies and the Circus of Dr.Lao, you would have something like it.

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