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Q: Two questions please. Will Mercedes Lackey write another book with her characters from Sacred Ground? Also, do you know anything about a Mercedes Lackey book named “Joust”, it was listed in a Penguin newsletter I get. 

A: I don’t have any plans for a sequel to Sacred Ground.

JOUST, on the other hand, is a brand new project in a brand new fantasy setting, in which two kingdoms, the desert kingdom of Tia and the marsh-land/island kingdom of Alta are at war, and the ‘superweapon’ of both sides is—the dragon! Vetch, a young Altan serf bound into a state worse than slavery to one Khefti-the-fat, is plucked from his miserable existance by the Jouster Ari, and taken into his service as dragon-boy to his great—and very unusual—dragon Kashet.


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