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Q: I was introduced to your books when I was working as a police dispatcher by one of my coworkers. That was in 1992, and I have steadily been working my way through all of your books since. I have read every work I have been able to get my hands on (in the case of Valdemar I am working on my third trip through the series) but I have found one work credited to you listed on Barnes and Noble that I can’t find anywhere. It is called Trophy Widow and I am very curious about it. Is that something you wrote, or is it an error on their web site?

True to form I must say that I love your work and it has meant a great deal to me over the years. I love to introduce new people to your work whenever I get the chance and I delight in their enthusiasm when they realize how truly wonderful the worlds that you and Larry have created are. I have also been a volunteer firefighter/EMT for 13 years with one of our small mountain departments near my home, worked as a Fire/EMS/Police dispatcher for 6 years and spent a short tour as an animal control officer.

The best discovery I made as an ACO were the wildlife rehabilitators. They are a wonderful bunch of unique folks and I truly admire the dedication you all show to our wild nation. Thank you so much for everything you do. Wind to thy wings.

A: I believe that attributing Trophy Widow to me was due to a typo on Barnes and Nobles’ part which they have not corrected. You will find that this book is written by Michael A. Kahn.

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