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Q: Like most of your fans, I have enjoyed your work ever since I was in high school (which is yikes!! too many years ago)- It it one of my favorite hobbies (introduced from my book-worm sister long ago.) I do have to say that reading your books have cemented my love of animals. I have actually met you several times (and a discreet fan, as I was doing my internship at the vet hospital).

Anyways, I thought of you the other day when my husband brought home this owl- I’m the vet, so I should fix it, right?. He found it on the side of hwy 266, and put it in his trunk. I go out and expect a broken wing, or something!!! So we open the trunk, and pick up the blanket that I swear should have smothered the poor thing- well, he just looked at my husband as if to say- thanks for the taxi service, dude. Amazingly, off he went, flying silently as owls do.

I don’t really have any questions- just really wanted to let you know that I appreciate your hard work as a writer. It certainly gives me alot of pleasure (although my husband would wish you might stop, so that I will get my nose out of the book and give him more attention!)

A: Cathy, that is a great story! As a rehabber, I can tell you that what probably happened was that the owl probably flew into the side of a car and, as my vet says, “got his bell rung.” When they are chasing something, they don’t pay much attention to anything else, and they don’t have particularly good brakes!

Thanks so much for the compliments; if we had anything to do with getting another vet into the world, that’s a great thing!

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