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Q:  Misty was kind enough to let this be posted.

A: Under the heading of, living in he country….
Apparently my latest unwanted visitor to the chicken yard is a skunk. Said skunk sprayed under both the studio and the boys’ place just before we left, and while we were gone, Rudi encountered it on the back porch. Tonight, the chickens were screaming rape, I went out just now to find out what the hububwas about, and there was the skunk, probably going after eggs. Hmm. How to drive it off and discourage it from coming back without triggering the dreaded….
(I was very proud of myself for this).
I got a can of air-freshener and sprayed it right in its face. Continued to spray it, herding it around the yard, until it escaped without ever once trying to spray me back!

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